The Skeeter Bag

Via 37signals’ Signal vs. Noise blog, I came across what seems like a really simple idea that looks like it actually works: the Skeeter Bag. What is it? Basically, a box fan with a mosquito attached to the front of it. Flip it around so that your CO2 (or your dog’s, livestock’s, etc.) blows out […]


Why Software Sucks

I’m in the middle of an absolutely awesome Technometria podcast with David Platt, author of the book Why Software Sucks. The episode is titled, appropriately enough, Why Software Sucks, the Podcast. It’s very much worth checking out. David has got some really good examples of what’s wrong with software today. His book blog (Suckbusters) covers […]


Keeping it Simple

While listening to Merlin Mann’s pep-talk on the latest edition of the Inside the Net podcast (while shoveling snow, I might add), I decided to take a few immediate steps to reduce my information overload. I mentioned this problem back in October, but I can’t say that it’s gotten much better since then. So, here’s […]


Microsoft Is Still Stuck

Right now, Microsoft is in a battle. Not necessarily a battle, for survival (not yet anyway), but a battle for relevance. There is an astonishing amount of innovation happening at the moment, and I think it’s safe to say that almost none of it is coming from Microsoft. Instead, it’s fast companies like Google, Yahoo!, […]