Web Accessibility

Website Accessibility Soon to be a Requirement?

In the last week, a National Federation for the Blind (NFB) lawsuit against the the Target Corporation has been given permission to proceed, with potentially huge consequences for all businesses with an online presence if Target loses. Last Thursday, a federal district court judge ruled that the inaccessible website violates the Americans with Disabilities […]

Web Development

MODx: A Different Kind of PHP CMS

Right now I’m in the middle of designing a website for one of the new businesses. It’s work that I enjoy very much, giving me the chance to stretch the creative side of my brain and apply my knowledge of branding, marketing, accessibility, usability, and most recently, search engine optimization. During the initial design round, […]


SEO – Not So Good?

Seth Godin has some good insights into the business of search engine optimization (SEO) today in a post titled “The problem with search engine optimization“. He provides good reasoning why he believes that most of the benefits of SEO simply aren’t worth the money. Basically, it comes down to this very important point: spending lots […]