The Life of Python

A very bright guy named Michael Ogawa has put together some amazing visualizations of several open source projects over time. Because these projects are managed with revision control software such as CVS, Subversion, or increasingly, Git, the entire history of who added what, when, is recorded and available. Michael created a tool he calls code_swarm […]

Web Development

Getting Stuck on Tools

I have a confession to make. When I start a new work or freelance project, I often become obsessed with the search to find the perfect tool to help me get the job done. For some reason, I love the process of researching, testing, and comparing software and web applications and I jump at the […]


Google App Engine: Embrace the Constraints

Google made a big announcement Monday night that has the web development community talking. They announced and released a preview version of App Engine, a set of tools that lets you quickly build web applications and deploy them to Google’s infrastructure for instant scalability. I want to talk a bit about why it is important […]