Overcast feedback from a podcast power user

When word came yesterday morning that Marco had released his new iPhone podcast client, Overcast, I downloaded it immediately. I even paid the $5 to unlock all of the features, if only to show my support for him and his work. So far, there’s a lot to like. But, as a podcast listener with over 50 show subscriptions, there are a few things missing that will keep me from using it for all of my podcasts.

Overcast Logo

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Back From Bismarck

I arrived back in Grand Forks late last night after a good day at the NDCEL administrators conference in Bismarck yesterday. Mike and I had two presentation sessions in the…

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Eating Your Own Dog Food

Eating your own dog food* is the phrase often used in the computer industry when describing a company who actually uses their own products. For example, when Apple used their…

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Adventures In Podcasting

Recently, I've been listening to a lot of different audio programs while programming at work. Apparently, I need a little change of pace from the usual music and radio programs…

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