An Automated Macintosh Workflow for Getting New TV Episodes From the Internet to Your iPod

I’m a big fan of good TV1, but I’m not a fan of being stuck watching it on the TV. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy we have a TiVo to entertain our boys with their favorite episodes of Little Einsteins and Thomas the Tank Engine on-demand, but there’s something to be said about being in control of when and where I can catch up on Fringe and Dollhouse.

This post lists the automated workflow I’m using on our iMac to get new episodes of my favorite shows off the internet and onto my iPod Nano so I can watch them whenever and wherever I want.


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Apple WWDC 2006

No, I'm not actually at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference, but that won't keep me from commenting on the Steve Jobs keynote address. First, I'm pretty impressed that Apple…

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