Senator Dorgan Introduces Net Neutrality Bill to the Senate

Update a few minutes later: Here is the actual text of the Internet Freedom Preservation Act (PDF) in case you’re up for reading some legalese (or can’t get to sleep). Possibly in an attempt to make himself more tech friendly, North Dakota’s Byran Dorgan has introduced a Net Neutrality bill to the Senate along with […]


Google’s Take on Patent Search

This is pretty interesting – You can now search U.S. patients using Google. The U.S. Patient and Trade Office does have their own search interface, but like most things made by the government, it’s clunky and hard to use. Google Patents on the other hand, makes it as easy to for patents as it is […]


How’s Your Chinese?

There is a fascinating article that you simply must read – I demand it! It’s a bit long, so block off 15 to 20 minutes, sit back, and enjoy. The article is called It’s a Flat World, After All, by author Thomas Friedman (you can use a shared username at BugMeNot). Mr. Friedman does an […]