Grand Forks

Grand Forks: Welcome to UAV Central

It seems that the city of Grand Forks has succeeded in placing itself at the center of the unmanned aircraft business. This is great news for the region’s economy. MPR: Unmanned aircraft systems are becoming big business. It’s estimated the Department of Defense will spend as much as $80 billion on unmanned aircraft in the […]


The View From My Window

I’ve been a regular reader of Andrew Sullivan’s blog for a few years now. His political analysis is top-notch, and I find Andrew’s discussion with readers to be consistently thought-provoking in a way I rarely see on other blogs (here’s a brilliant example from today). One of the daily diversions Sullivan has incorporated into his site is […]


Britney in Grand Forks

Last Saturday night Casey and I attended the Britney Spears Circus tour at its stop in Grand Forks. It was quite the experience, and easily one of the city’s biggest events of the year. I’m glad we were able to see Britney once, but I don’t think I’d go again if she came back to town […]


Barack and Hillary Coming to Grand Forks

Things are pretty exciting here in Grand Forks right now. Several weeks ago we found out that Senator Barack Obama will be speaking at the North Dakota Democratic Convention on April 4th. Then we found out yesterday that Hillary Clinton was feeling left out, and decided to make an appearance later that night. I can’t […]


Household Energy Conservation

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to have an Xcel Energy employee come out to our house and perform a home energy audit. This program, subsidized by the company, gives you a very clear picture of types of things that could be improved to use less energy and ultimately save you money. Because our home […]


Grand Forks Finally has High Speed Mobile Internet (EV-DO)!

I received a very nice surprise when I opened my Razr phone this morning and saw the little “EV” symbol instead of the usual “1x” one. At some point in the last 12 hours or so, Verizon Wireless silently enabled their BroadbandAccess (EV-DO) network for the Grand Forks area. Word has it that it’s also […]

Grand Forks

10 Years Later: The Great Red River Flood of 1997

Last week marked the 10 year anniversary Flood of 1997 in Grand Forks. Local and regional media outlets have been featuring coverage for at least several months now, often providing day-by-day flashbacks of the events that transpired. Somewhat surprising to me, Minnesota Public Radio seems to have some of the best online resources on their […]


Merry Christmas From the Berberichs (2006)

Here is our Chirstmas card and letter for 2006. Enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Berberichs! Our family saw many changes in 2006. From a growing boy, to a career change, to a new home, we have a lot to share with you. Kael is growing up faster than we […]


And the Snow Begins…

Casey came down with a nasty case of the stomach flu this morning, so came back home after a couple of hours at the office this morning to watch Kael and do what I can for her. She hasn’t been this type of sick for a long time, so it stinks to see her feeling […]


Cirque du Soleil Delirium: A Short Review

Last night Casey and I attending the Grand Forks performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Delirium, their traveling concert featuring remixed music from other Cirque shows. This was the first time we’ve seen one of their performances, and it was, in a word, amazing. The set for Delirium is huge, and plays an integral part in […]