You heard it here first: My new fitness goals

I started off my 28th birtday this morning by jumping on our newly acquired treadmill for the first time. Why? Well, after losing 30 pounds in about four months early last year, a newborn baby, a new job, and a new home have taken their toll. I’m now back up close to my starting weight, […]

North Dakota

Power Hungry

I was thinking recently about the tech companies needing huge data centers: the Googles, Microsofts, Yahoos, Limelight Networks, and Akamais of the world. These businesses depend on reliable sources of energy to stay operational and really need to worry about natural disasters affecting the ability to offer their online services. If you think about it, […]


My 43 Things

Recently, Casey and I have been attempting to set life goals – both as a couple and individually. I’ve found it to be a difficult exercise, but one that is very much worth doing. The process forces me to actually slow down and think about what is most important to me and what I want […]