Teaching Kids Science With Sid the Science Kid

When I was growing up, one big investment my parents made for me and my siblings was a World Book Encyclopedia set, accompanied by a library of Childcraft topical books designed for kids. I remember spending┬ácountless hours reading about outer space,┬áplants and animals,┬áthe geology of planet Earth, weather systems, and the Seven Wonders of the […]


What Are We Going To Do About It?

If there were any doubts, this week should confirm the fact that our country is in deep $#!&. We were (are?) closer to a complete collapse of the U.S. financial system than most people will ever realize, and that’s just one of a number of crises that are boiling up: The root of the recent […]


Kindersay: Free Online Videos that Help Your Preschooler Learn New Words

I learned of a pretty cool web app for preschoolers this morning, called Kindersay. It’s a simple, but solid idea: Video flash cards to help your kids learn new words. There are 15 categories of words available, ranging from numbers and letters to animals and vehicles. That basic content is all available for free. For […]


More Thoughts on Google Docs

Back in March, I mentioned my plan to write my independent study in Google Docs instead of going the usual route and using Microsoft Word. Now that I’m officially done with that project, I thought I’d give you a postmortem of how things went. Thinking back, Google Docs (at least the word processor component of […]