The Great DRM Revolt of 2008

Last week, Electronic Arts released one of the most highly anticipated computer games of recent memory – Will Wright’s Spore. The game, which lets you create a new species and control its evolution from single-cell organism to intelligent space explorer, was expected to be the crowning achievement in Wright’s series of computer simulations (including SimCity, […]


Music Wants to be DRM Free!

Digital music fans received some great news this morning: EMI (one of the largest record labels) is going to start offering DRM-free songs on iTunes. This is big, big, big. I’ve written about my extreme distaste of DRM before, but I didn’t think we’d see the beginning of its death so soon. I fully expected […]


Why DRM Sucks

In their effort to punish protect consumers, the entertainment industry has resorted to using so-called “digital rights management” technology, known in the biz as DRM, to protect their intellectual property, namely music and movies. For example, DVDs contain an early form of DRM called Content Scrambling System (CSS), which encrypts discs in an effort to […]