An Automated Macintosh Workflow for Getting New TV Episodes From the Internet to Your iPod

I’m a big fan of good TV1, but I’m not a fan of being stuck watching it on the TV. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy we have a TiVo to entertain our boys with their favorite episodes of Little Einsteins and Thomas the Tank Engine on-demand, but there’s something to be said about […]


How the Command Line Saved Me from 19 Hours of Tedious Work

At work the other day, I ran into a somewhat odd problem. I had a Windows server with nearly 3,000 folders, each containing a PDF file and an empty ZIP file, looking a little something like this: 2ec99d82-4b79-4454-9f4a-3b52c1cc63cc |– |– 2ec99d82-4b79-4454-9f4a-3b52c1cc63cc.pdf Sidenote: In case you’re curious, that long, weird looking string of numbers and […]