Web Development

Sublime Text 2

Being a nerd is an odd thing. We’re really particular about things that never even occur to The Normals. Take, for example, text editors. For a web developer or a writer well-verses in Markdown, selecting the right text editor for the task is a Very Important Thing. IDEs and GUI applications often get in the […]


How I won Twitter for a day

Yesterday morning I broke away from my work and turned to Twitter right around when the Supreme Court was supposed to announce their decision in the Affordable Care Act case. I, like everyone else, was surprised at the ruling, and followed-up with some instant analysis from my Twitter timeline and on MPR. Shortly after, saw […]


Surface and Metro – Microsoft’s Last Big Hope

Microsoft held a big press event Monday evening to unveil their next big product – a tablet PC they call Microsoft Surface1. It’s a big gamble for them, but, it’s one they badly need to take in order to stay relevant. Also, Surface looks, really, really nice.


Kellen Roger Berberich

Two weeks ago – May 2nd – Casey and I welcomed the newest member of the Berberich family – Kellen Roger. He was born at 3:54pm, weighing in at 8lbs 5oz. Kellen’s older brothers are quite happy to have him join our family, too. For the record here are their ages right now: Kael – […]


Entrepreneurship, Business, and Inspiration

Prologue The other day my friend Sam asked me where I turn to for business and entrepreneurship inspiration, which led to the following thought: “Yeah, good question – where the hell do I get my inspiration from?”. So after a day of intermittent soul searching, here’s my incomplete list of what’s currently driving me. What’s […]


Disney World

To help celebrate my parents’ upcoming 40th wedding anniversary, our whole family headed down to Disney World last week for a few days of fun in the parks. The kids had a good time, but I won’t lie – with three boys six and under, it was a lot of work. A lot of time […]


The Nest Learning Thermostat

I’m a sucker for well designed products and for energy efficiency technologies. Combine the two, and you’ve definitely got my attention. Yesterday, former Apple employee and iPod designer Tony Fadell revealed what his start-up has been working on for the last couple of years. It is, of all things, a home thermostat. Called the Nest, […]



I was shocked last night when, after dinner, Casey took a look at the Facebook updates streaming down her page, and said, “I didn’t know Steve Jobs died.” I suspected the time would come sooner, rather than later, after he resigned as Apple CEO in late August, but I don’t think anyone thought the day […]


Bike Commuting

I’ve ridden more bike in the last couple of weeks than I have in the last 10 years. Why? I had a really nice mountain bike that I bought myself as a college graduation gift, but I never rode it. It was great for hills and off-road, but not so good for city riding – […]


How Netflix Angered Most of its Customers in a Single Day

Earlier today, Netflix published a post to its blog that said, in some of the thickest PR bullshit I’ve ever read, it was raising prices splitting its streaming video plan from its DVD plans, resulting in a 60% price hike for most of its customers: First, we are launching new DVD only plans. These plans […]