Playing With Movable Type 3.2 Beta 4

I managed to make a lot of progress on the EduTech website redesign yesterday and hope to continue it today. I got the latest Movable Type 3.2 beta release, Beta 4, installed on my PowerMac after compiling Perl DBI and SQLite (they whole “compile a program from its source code” thing is getting less scary each time I do it). So, I’ve now got a nice little development “sandbox” where I can play around and break stuff without affecting anything on our live website.

So anyway, my first impressions of the new Movable Type:

  • Six Apart has spent a lot of time on this release, making a ton of changes and adding many new features.
  • The new, streamlined interface is great – much easier to navigate.
  • Administration, including comment and trackback management, is now better
  • It’s much easier to use it as a content management system

[Geek Alert] Keep reading for some of my lessons learned so far.


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