SIGG Water Bottles: A Lesson In Destroying Your Brand’s Reputation

Last week we witnessed SIGG, maker of aluminum water bottles, lose the admiration and trust of its core customers in a single day when it admitted that for years, its products contained Bisphenol A (BPA) – despite giving the impression that they did not.

Update (8/26/2009): Via The Consumerist,  it appears that SIGG has created a voluntary exchange program (i.e., not a recall) which allows you to send in your old SIGG bottle in exchange for one with the new BPA-free EcoCare liner. All you have to pay is the postage to send it to them. For information on how to exchange your bottle, send an email to [email protected]

Update 2 (9/1/2009): Via an email from SIGG, here is the direct link to their bottle replacement program.

I’m glad to see them respond so quickly and effectively.

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Guerrilla Data Analysis using Pivot Charts in Microsoft Access 2007

MS Access 2007 logo
Until last Friday, it had been almost a full decade since I last launched a copy of Microsoft Access. I spent a fair amount of my undergraduate career getting familiar with it and the concepts of relational databases, and SQL, but once I started working with full-featured database servers like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, Access just looked like a cute little toy piece of software that I had simply outgrown.

But thanks to the need for some quick and dirty data analysis at work last week, I have a new respect for Access 2007 and one of its coolest features: The Pivot Chart.


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