Why You’ll be Buying an iPad 2

First, an admission: I was wrong. Last year I said I didn’t think the iPad would be a commercial success, but it clearly is. I also said it was a just a bigger, faster iPod Touch, but it’s obvious that the large 9.7 inch LED screen makes all the difference.

Despite a clear use case for its place between the laptop and the smartphone, the iPad has captured people’s imaginations and validated the market for tablet devices. So, you think this would pave the way for the “iPad killers” and the cheap imitations that inevitably follow any successful product launch. Except one year later, this still hasn’t happened yet.


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The Problem with Tablets

With just a day left until Apple’s special event the company scheduled for January 27th, speculation on the expected-to-be-announced Apple Tablet (or whatever the official name turns out to be) has reached a fevered pitch. I don’t think any rumored Apple product – iPhone included – has garnered so much coverage by bloggers and the press. And the unofficial claim by Steve Jobs that the device is the most important thing he’s ever done doesn’t serve to dampen expectations, either.
Invite for Apple's January 27 2009 event

And while you can be sure I’ll be tracking Wednesday’s event coverage on GDGT Live and TWIT Live, I’m skeptical that Apple’s tablet device – or any tablet for that matter – will be a commercial success. Not necessarily because they’ll make a dud (possible, but unlikely), but because the very idea of a tablet computer seems unnecessary.

Still – I can’t wait to see what Apple has made.


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