Kellen Roger Berberich

Two weeks ago – May 2nd – Casey and I welcomed the newest member of the Berberich family – Kellen Roger. He was born at 3:54pm, weighing in at 8lbs 5oz.

Camera Roll-65

Kellen’s older brothers are quite happy to have him join our family, too. For the record here are their ages right now: Kael – 6 1/2; Asa – Almost 5; and Jonas – 19 months.

Camera Roll-73

I was able to take over a week off from work in order to spend lots of quality time with the family and to help ease the transition of adding another person to our daily routine. I’m back at work this week, but we’re lucky to have Casey’s mom here with us to help out with the older kids since Casey has a newborn attached to her most of the day.

Camera Roll-101

As always, you can find more photos of Kellen on Flickr.

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