Two Things

So, two big things happened in the last month:

The Berberichs Moved Into a New House

New Berberich House

Fourteen months after selling our house in Thompson, Casey and I signed the mortgage papers on our new home in Grand Forks. Although spending over a year in an apartment was far from ideal, it gave us time to pay down some debt, save up some money, and look for a new house without a strict timeline.

We found our home in July, signed the papers a month ago, and moved in over the following two weeks. It’s in a nice location, has a great backyard, and has a lot of room for our growing family (see below). We’re extremely happy with it.

Baby #3 was Born – Jonas Roberson Berberich

At 6:22am on October 8th, 2010, our 3rd son was born. His name is Jonas Roberson Berberich:

His name is Jonas

Jonas was delivered by a few nurses at the local hospital when he decided he didn’t want to wait for a doctor to arrive. Both he and Casey are doing great, and I was lucky enough to take the week off from work to spend it all with my family.

Jonas going home

You can see a few more photos of Jonas on Flickr.

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