Merry Christmas, 2009 Edition

The Berberich family hopes you had a great 2009, and wishes you the very best in 2010! Like all of our Christmas cards, this one was done by my sister, Tera Christianson, of Blessings Photography.


The View From My Window

I’ve been a regular reader of Andrew Sullivan’s blog for a few years now. His political analysis is top-notch, and I find Andrew’s discussion with readers to be consistently thought-provoking in a way I rarely see on other blogs (here’s a brilliant example from today). One of the daily diversions Sullivan has incorporated into his site is […]


Google Public DNS and FUD

Yesterday Google announced the release of Google Public DNS, the company’s free domain name resolution service (if you’re unfamiliar with DNS, it’s the system that translates the human-friendly domain to the computer-friendly This news came as a surprise to everyone, and has generated a ton of coverage by technology bloggers and journalists as a result. […]