Tab Sweep – August 2009 Edition

I’ve been reading of great articles on the web lately, and I thought I’d share some of the best with you, my dear readers. Enjoy.

  • Totally Wasted – Mother Jones’ epic special report on the War on Drugs. Damning evidence that our country needs a major shift in drug policies.
  • The Great American Bubble Machine – Rolling Stone magazine takes on Goldman Sachs and shows how it turned the U.S. into its own personal pump-and-dump scam to create pure profits for already wealthy individuals. I still get angry just thinking about this one.
  • How American Health Care Killed My Father – If you read only one article on the health care system, read this one. David Goldhill does a deep exploration of the health industry and shows why the current proposals for reform will serve to cement our broken system in place. Please – read this article.
  • Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food – Time magazine’s take on the hidden costs of America’s cheap food is a great introduction to the topic. For further reading, I recommend Food Inc and Michael Pollan’s books.
  • Fiji Water: Spin the Bottle – If you’re a fan of Fiji Water, you might not want to read this one. Because once you find out you’re supporting a military dictatorship, you probably won’t want to buy another bottle. Update: Via the comments, Fiji Water has issued a response to the Mother Jones article I linked to that is worth reading (as are the comments on that page).

One reply on “Tab Sweep – August 2009 Edition”

As President of FIJI Water, I encourage readers to read our response to the article, which we have posted on our blog: I also encourage readers to post any questions they might have on our blog, where all reasonable queries will be responded to by employee representatives.

We strongly disagree with the author’s premise that because we are in business in Fiji that somehow legitimizes a military dictatorship. We bought FIJI Water in November 2004, when Fiji was governed by a democratically elected government. FIJI Water does not nor will ever actively support the government of the day. The government does not speak for us and we cannot and will not speak for the government. What we can do is try to help the socio-economic development of Fiji as much as we can by running a world-class company that provides much-needed jobs, health care, education, and clean drinking water to the people who live in the villages surrounding our company and the greater community of Fiji.

John Cochran
President, FIJI Water

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