Running the Fargo Half Marathon

Tomorrow morning at 8am I will start my first ever half marathon in Fargo. One year ago I ran in Fargo’s 5K fun run, and since then I’ve been able to keep training and improve my speed and distance. Witnessing the start of last year’s Fargo Marathon was a great experience, so I’m ready and feeling really good about running these 13.1 miles.

Although I’ll be happy to just finish the race, I need to have a goal, right? My slightly unrealistic one is to finish under the two hour mark. This would require me running a bit faster than my normal pace, so I’m hoping to be aided by a combination of race-day motivation and adrenaline. I’m sure I’ll throw some caffeine in there too for an additional boost.

Thanks for your well-wishes. I’ll let you know my official results when I get them.

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