What Are We Going To Do About It?

If there were any doubts, this week should confirm the fact that our country is in deep $#!&. We were (are?) closer to a complete collapse of the U.S. financial system than most people will ever realize, and that’s just one of a number of crises that are boiling up: The root of the recent […]


The Great DRM Revolt of 2008

Last week, Electronic Arts released one of the most highly anticipated computer games of recent memory – Will Wright’s Spore. The game, which lets you create a new species and control its evolution from single-cell organism to intelligent space explorer, was expected to be the crowning achievement in Wright’s series of computer simulations (including SimCity, […]


Chrome is Google’s Latest Jab at Microsoft

Ever since Google firmly established itself as The One to Beat on the web, the company has become the subject of almost every conceivable product rumor, a surprising number of which either turn out to be true or contain kernels of truth. For example, people speculated for years about Google building an ad-supported “gPhone” mobile […]