Chrome is Google’s Latest Jab at Microsoft

Google Chrome Logo
Ever since Google firmly established itself as The One to Beat on the web, the company has become the subject of almost every conceivable product rumor, a surprising number of which either turn out to be true or contain kernels of truth. For example, people speculated for years about Google building an ad-supported “gPhone” mobile phone, when in reality it created an open source mobile operating system called Android for others to use with their hardware.

There were two Google rumors that always seemed too far-fetched to be believable. The first was that Google was creating a complete Linux-based desktop operating system it would give away for free in an effort to poke Microsoft in the eye. While I’ll never underestimate what one company will do to damage a bitter rival, this one seemed very off-mission for the benefits it would produce – just think of all the resources it would take to support such a product.

The other rumor I didn’t believe was that Google was working on its own web browser. While it was more believable than them creating a new operating system, there didn’t seem to be many benefits. Google had a very good relationship with the Mozilla Foundation, basically subsidizing the development of Firefox with ad revenue from the built-in Google search box. And, it could extend both Firefox and Internet Explorer with a variety of plug-ins and extensions, so again, the benefits didn’t seem to outweigh the costs.

As of yesterday, I’m happy to say that I’m wrong about both of those rumors.


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