Will Ubiquity for Firefox Change the Way We Use the Web?

Mozilla Labs, the R&D department for the group that puts out the amazing Firefox, just released a preview for a new browser technology they call Ubiquity. It’s a little rough at the moment, but shows a lot of promise. I’m a little skeptical that the average user will really understand its power, however, though I’d […]


An Experiment in Lifestreaming

Starting today, I’m going to try a little experiment on the front page of my blog. And you, my faithful readers, get to be the guinea pigs. Fact: I don’t get around to writing new blog posts as often as I’d like, thanks to a rather busy life. Fact: At the same time, my various […]


It’s the Network

From a marketing perspective, I’ve always found Verizon’s “It’s the Network” commercials to be effective at getting their message across. But when I saw this video this morning, I also realize that Verizon has a great sense of humor (direct link if you don’t see the video embedded below). I think this was a very […]


Why Off-Shore Drilling is a Terrible Idea

This may put me in a very small minority of Americans, but I think that opening up off-shore oil drilling (including ANWR) is one of the dumbest mistakes we could make as a country. Why? Opening up currently restricted off-shore areas wouldn’t have an effect until about 2017. If we started drilling in ANWR today, […]