Obama vs. Clinton Demographics Visualized

In case you’re not a regular reader of the New York Times website, they accompany their articles with some of the most amazing data visualizations you’ll see anywhere. When visualizations are executed as well as they are by the Times, complex data suddenly becomes a lot more meaningful and understandable.

One example is an interactive visualization that shows you how different demographic groups in various states voted for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Here’s a screenshot of one demographic slice:

Obama vs. Clinton Interactive Data Visualization

Particularly interesting to me is watching the strong under 30 support for Obama continually shift toward Clinton as age increases. You an also watch it reverse toward Obama as education and income increase.

My favorite recent NY Times visualization is a beautiful one on box office movie revenues from 1986-2008. There’s a lot going on in that time line, but it’s surprisingly easy to comprehend thanks to the good design.

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