Recovering from the Influenza

Late last week, I came down with a fairly bad case of the flu (Influenza). I occasionally get a cold, but this was the first time since elementary school that I had to stay home because I was physically unable to do anything.

Because of the help of Casey’s parents, who were up for a visit from Thursday to Saturday, and my parents, who we stayed with in Fargo while we went down for Asa’s photo session, I was able to sleep for most of the weekend. Casey was kind enough to take over my driving duties, even though the trip back up to Thompson was slow and icy. She did a great job.

I stayed home again yesterday to continue healing, so today (Tuesday) is my first day back at the office. Besides a lingering cough and a tendency to get annoyed at everything, I’d say I’m pretty much back to normal. Hopefully another night of good rest will take care of those two things!

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