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Adobe Photoshop Express: Free Photo Editing on the Web

Update (3/28/2008): Adobe has committed to updating the terms of service to remove the area of concern. Thanks for listening, Adobe: We reviewed the terms in context of your comments – and we agree that it currently implies things we would never do with the content. Therefore, our legal team is making it a priority […]


Kael’s Finger Mustache

I’ve been terrible lately about getting our photos off the camera and up on Flickr, so to partially make up for it, I recorded a little something for you this evening. I present to you, Kael’s fingerstache. In case you missed that internet meme, here’s a little background info for you: Boston news report on […]


The Freewatt: Distributed Power Generation

I heard about a very promising new(ish) product called the Climate Energy Freewatt system a couple of weeks ago while listening to an episode of IEEE Spectrum Radio on the IT Conversations podcast channel. The Freewatt is a high efficiency heating furnace combined with a Honda power generator and a solid-state inverter, that uses your […]


Hacking with a Microscope

Via Bruce Schneier and Cory Doctorow, it appears that smart card used on the London Underground has been cracked by a team of researchers. The most interesting thing to me though, is how they did it (emphasis mine): The research team was able to obtain the card’s proprietary encryption scheme by physically dissecting its chip […]


Improv Everywhere: Food Court Musical

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Improv Everywhere before, but the group consistently puts out some of the most clever and ingenious comedy I see. They just released their latest piece, Food Court Musical, which is one of the best I’ve seen yet: Some of their previous “missions” you might also enjoy: No Shirts […]


Finally – A Diesel Hybrid

For awhile now, I’ve been wondering when we’d see our first commercial diesel hybrid vehicle. The combination just makes perfect sense. Modern diesel engines are extremely efficient and clean burning, getting very good mileage on their own. Put one in the center of a hybrid system, and we’re talking miles per gallon currently unheard of […]


Recovering from the Influenza

Late last week, I came down with a fairly bad case of the flu (Influenza). I occasionally get a cold, but this was the first time since elementary school that I had to stay home because I was physically unable to do anything. Because of the help of Casey’s parents, who were up for a […]