Big Trouble in Legotown

Uploaded to Flickr by Guillermo Ruiz de Loizaga

I was browsing Delicious during lunch today, and came across an interesting article titled Why We Banned Legos. From the Rethinking Schools Online website, it tells the story of the children and teachers at a childcare center in Seattle, and the power struggle created by what they called Legotown.

Legotown, the kids’ collection of massive Lego buildings and structures, eventually revealed issues with some very adult topics: Power, ownership, and equality. The teachers explored these subjects with the children over the course of several months, even constructing a game that intentionally and arbitrarily gave massive power to a few kids in order to see how it played out.

It was fascinating to read how Legotown exposed many of the issues we face in our larger society. I’ll let you read the details, and the eventual Legotown solution, for yourself.

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