Merry Christmas from the Berberichs, 2007 Edition

Well, it’s that time of the year again – time to shine up the Festivus pole and time for the Berberich family Christmas card and letter. This year I decided to skip the traditional Christmas letter format and instead go with something a little more unique. I hope you like it (click on either to […]


MileMeter: Innovation in…Auto Insurance?

Earlier today, the O’reilly Radar blog had an interesting post about an innovative new auto insurance company, of all things. They’re called MileMeter, and the thing that makes them different is that you buy your car insurance from them by the mile, not by the quarter, year, etc. This is obviously going to be a […]


When the Machine Thinks It’s Smarter than You

I give up. In any design, once you learn how to do something once, you should be able to do it again. This is really horrible. That is design guru Don Norman talking in a New York Times article about a poorly designed Kodak digital picture frame he was trying out at a Best Buy […]


Keep Track of Your Finances with Wesabe

Several months ago, I started a blog post about a wonderful web application called Wesabe that I’ve been using to keep track of our family’s personal finances. Unfortunately, a tight schedule on my part has meant it never made it out of draft form. Luckily for you, it looks like someone else has just written […]

Web Services

Amazon’s SimpleDB: Instantly Scalable Database Delivered as a Service

You’ve been hearing about my love of Amazon for years now, including the awesome web services platforms they are making available to developers everywhere. They started off with a cheap and easy to use message queuing service (SQS), later added pay-as-you-go remote file storage (S3), then added on-demand computing capacity (EC2), and most recently, flexible […]


An Animated Holiday Greeting from Idea to Reality in Less Than Two Weeks

I don’t think I’ve officially mentioned this on my blog before, but one of the two businesses I helped startup is a company called Greeneye e-Manifest. What we do, in a nutshell, is make very easy for Canadian trucking companies to submit an electronic manifest of what’s in their trailers, and where it’s coming from, […]


Rolling Stone Magazine on the War on Drugs

It’s been years since I read an article in Rolling Stone, but they recently published a fascinating one on their website that I highly recommend to everyone. It’s called How America Lost the War on Drugs, by author Ben Wallace-Wells. In it, Wells chronicles the terribly the United States’ terribly costly and ineffective war on […]