Kindersay: Free Online Videos that Help Your Preschooler Learn New Words

I learned of a pretty cool web app for preschoolers this morning, called Kindersay. It’s a simple, but solid idea: Video flash cards to help your kids learn new words. There are 15 categories of words available, ranging from numbers and letters to animals and vehicles.

That basic content is all available for free. For $5.95 a month, Kindersay adds a few helpful features, though I’m not sure if they’re worth $72 per year. The upgrade allows you to add photos and tie them to words like mom, brother, grandpa, teacher, etc. The pay version also lets you mark words as favorites, and create word shows containing only those.

Kael’s vocabulary has exploded in the last couple of months, so I can see him really enjoying this site. Particularly the vehicles – There’s not a plane, truck, or train he doesn’t like!