The New and Improved

Welcome to the new The migration took just a little longer than I was hoping due to some issues I had in moving all of my content over to the improved Movable Type 4 templating system. I need to note here that upgrading Movable Type 3 to Movable Type 4 is, in itself, a very easy process. It’s only if you decide to trash your old templates and move to the new ones where things get more complex. But, in the name of progress and learning, I did just that.

Besides the new look, there are some other public-facing changes you might notice. First, the site’s search engine is now powered by the really great Fast Search plugin. This not only returns results almost 10x faster, but they’re more relevant too.

Next, if you’re a commenter, you’ll find a few new ways to authenticate when posting. OpenID is now an option, though I’ve been having some problems with it myself, so it might be a little buggy for you too. Anonymous commenting is still an option too, though you’ll be asked to complete one of those CAPTCHAs when submitting. This should greatly reduce the amount of spam I need to deal with.

You may find that pages seem to load a lot faster now than before. All content is now being published as static HTML files, which means your browser no longer needs to wait for my database to give you data before being displayed.

Soon, I’ll be adding some additional non-blog pages to the site too. This might include spots to find my most recently updated photos, book recommendations, etc.

Finally, an apology to subscribers of my blog feed. Republishing the site today resulted in every post in the feed (about 16 of them) appearing as new. This should be a one time deal, but if you continue to experience any weirdness, be sure to let me know.