Asterisk and Adhearsion

I tend to get excited about the oddest things. One that I’ve been fascinated with for a couple of years now is an open source project called Asterisk, originally created by a company called Digium. Loaded on a Linux system, it gives you a complete PBX phone system comparable to the ones corporations spend tens […]


How to Use Your Paypal Security Key with OpenID

I told you about the Paypal Security Key a couple of days ago, and since then, I discovered something very, very cool. It’s possible (and actually pretty easy) to use it your security key to give you multi-factor authentication with OpenID. Here’s how. Verisign, the company behind the technology in the Paypal security key, is […]


The Paypal/Ebay Security Key

Late last week, I received a very cool little piece of technology in the mail. It’s the Paypal/Ebay security key, and if you use either of those two sites on a regular basis, I highly recommend that you pick one up for yourself too. It’s $5 well spent. So, here’s what it does. Once you […]


My Favorite Simpsons Episodes

You may not know this about me, but I’m a huge fan of the Simpsons – have been ever since the beginning. In high school, I would frequently take in 1-2 hours of episodes every day, so I quickly became adept at spouting off obscure references and quotes from the show. Last night I was […]


The I-35 Bridge Collapse

I’ve been riveted to the continuing news coverage of the I-35 bridge collapse in the Twin Cities ever since Casey and I saw the first report come in shortly after 6:30pm last evening. This one hit me close to home, having grown up in northern Minnesota and having lots of friends and family living down […]


More Thoughts on Google Docs

Back in March, I mentioned my plan to write my independent study in Google Docs instead of going the usual route and using Microsoft Word. Now that I’m officially done with that project, I thought I’d give you a postmortem of how things went. Thinking back, Google Docs (at least the word processor component of […]