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Coming Up for Air

Life has been chaotic so far this summer, and I have a feeling it’ll be staying like that for quite awhile. There are a lot of things going on, such as working my butt off to graduate in August, starting up and growing a business (sorry — I still can’t announce it on the internet. Ask me in private, and I just might give you some details.), spending time with Casey and Kael (now 20 months old), and perhaps biggest of all, awaiting the eminent arrival of baby #2.

Today is Casey’s due date, and neither of us expected we’d actually the baby would wait this long (Kael came almost a month early). So, we’re all ready to spring into action in a moment’s notice for when things start to happen. Thankfully, our local hospital now has free WiFi, so expect to see some updates shortly after the new Baby Berbs decides to make an appearance.

Keep an eye on my Twitter page for breaking news, and on my Flickr page for the latest photos. And who knows — if I manage to get some good video we want to share, keep your eyes on my Vimeo page too!

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