The Business of Innovation on CNBC

Last night I was flipping through channels on the TiVo, and happened to come across a show on CNBC called The Business of Innovation. It turns out we caught the third episode in a series of five, each of which will also be available to watch online.

Watching this program, I was actually pretty impressed at the message that came across. The show is co-hosted by Roger Schank, who really does seem to understand the mechanics of innovation. Last night, it was namely “don’t ask your customers what they want – watch them.”

Overall, this show is worth checking out, even if you’ve heard it all before. We can always use a reminder!

One reply on “The Business of Innovation on CNBC”

I really like your show…Maria and Robert are very good…My company specializes in the mind set that is necessary to create that Innovative Mind – Team and Culture…
One of my teammates is Mike Fox…who also works at Buffalo State College in their masters program in the International Studies in Creativity…I bring the Motivation concepts …Mike brings the Innovative skills – tools and designs…And…I just received a License from Dr. Denis Waitley (Psychology of Winning) and he is also featured in the Secret…Maybe we could be guests on your show sometime? If your leaders do not support a positive motivation environment then your creativity and competitive advantage will be less!


Coach Steve Sullivan

ps: This is a great show…keep up the great work…it is an extremely important topic…

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