How the Internet Works!

We bought a store brand version of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch cereal the other week, and it had this unintentionally hilarious panel on the back (click on it to view a much bigger, easier to read version):

The Internet and How It Works!

Titled “How the Internet Works!”, this piece seems like it was written 10 years ago (when the Web was just getting started) by someone with absolutely no clue.

Marvel as you learn about “Electronic mail”, the “quickest, most efficient method to communicate over the Internet” (ha!). Never again wonder how your ISP assigns you a “unique Internet Protocol that makes your computer compatible to all other World Wide Web (www) servers”. Or, find out about Emoticons, a “fun way to liven up a casual e-mail”.

The information on this cereal box isn’t completely wrong, but I think the author referenced some out-of-date materials and didn’t quite understand the subject.