Revealed Soon: What I’ve Been Working on the Last Year

I’m excited to say that very soon I will be finally be able to tell you all where I’ve been working and what I’ve been working on for over a year. It took a lot longer than any of us expected, but all of that extra time means a product that is beyond anything we […]


The Business of Innovation on CNBC

Last night I was flipping through channels on the TiVo, and happened to come across a show on CNBC called The Business of Innovation. It turns out we caught the third episode in a series of five, each of which will also be available to watch online. Watching this program, I was actually pretty impressed […]


Getting Things Done with Backpack, SMS, and Google’s Apps

I have to admit: I love the Getting Things Done productivity system, but I’m not very good at sticking with it. At some point in the process, I forget about the single, trusted place to put down all of the “stuff” in my head (ideas, to-dos, etc.) and end up with multiple dumping spots. Random […]


Learning about Erlang

Here’s a quick post before getting back to my homework… A little known programming language has been getting more attention lately thanks to my favorite programming book publishers, the Pragmatic Programmers, announcing an upcoming book on the subject. It’s called Erlang, and was created by the Ericsson corporation about a decade ago for use in […]


How the Internet Works!

We bought a store brand version of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch cereal the other week, and it had this unintentionally hilarious panel on the back (click on it to view a much bigger, easier to read version): Titled “How the Internet Works!”, this piece seems like it was written 10 years ago (when the Web […]


Google Docs Rocks

I’ve been able to put more time into my independent study over the last few weeks. While that’s plenty of work for me, I’ve decided to do a little experiment during the process: dump Microsoft Word and instead write it online using Google Docs. So far, I like Google Docs. A lot. I love being […]


Nine Inch Nails, Buzz Marketing, and Lost

I’m not a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails, but I think their gorilla marketing campaign for their upcoming album Year Zero is awesome. The band gave its first clue on the back of a tour t-shirt, which lead to a cryptic website. This, in turn, led to more sites being discovered, which unraveled a […]


Prerequisites if You’re Creating a Desktop or Web Application

If you’re developing a web-based or desktop application and hope to have it takeoff with any amount of success, there is a different prerequisite you must meet for each scenario: If you’re creating a web application, it absolutely needs to work well in Firefox If you’re developing a desktop app, you need to make a […]