Customer Service

Finally – Resolution with Symantec

I’m happy to say that my two month saga with Symantec customer service is finally over. I heard back from Ben this morning, who assured me people were looking into my issue. In the mean time though, I took my concern up a few notches by emailing a few Symantec executives.

Within the last 30 minutes, I received a call from a Symantec employee named Andrew who was really helpful. He had spent over an hour researching my problem, to discover that my issue was a very weird circumstance that was somehow was being created internally in their software.

In any case, while Andrew wasn’t able to fix the original problem, he did offer a temporary fix that will let me download what I need. I want to thank both him and Ben for all of the help they’ve given me.

My last word on this topic is just this: It never had to be this way. Throughout this ordeal, I had no way of knowing if my case had dropped off the face of the Earth, or if a Symantec employee was working on it. Good communication is everything in these types of situations. If I don’t hear anything, I’m left to assume nothing is happening, if that’s the intent or not.

Postscript: In case anyone is wondering, Symantec employees were aware that I was blogging about this situation since my first post about it on January 12th. They never once asked that I add to or remove my comments in any way.