10 Reasons Why Jeff Bezos is My Favorite CEO

  1. He survived a helicopter crash back in 2003 and laughs about it now.
  2. Instead of ignoring Tim O’Reilly and other critics during the Amazon 1-Click patent controversy in 2000, he joined the conversation and spearheaded the movement for patent reform.
  3. He’s a big fan of science fiction.
  4. He can talk to you about web services and other technologies like he’s been working with them for years.
  5. He was smart enough to invest in the 37signals guys last year.
  6. He’s building a spaceship.
  7. Even though he’s the top guy at Amazon, he still thinks and cares about things like how to reward the product reviewers on his site.
  8. You can see his personal wishlist up on Amazon.
  9. He built the first three desks for Amazon’s offices himself, out of wooden doors he bought at Home Depot. He’s still using one today.
  10. He publishes his email address on the Internet. You can reach him at [email protected]

One reply on “10 Reasons Why Jeff Bezos is My Favorite CEO”

Gotta dig that spaceship thing. If I ever do anything, it’ll all be for the efforts of a spaceship…a spaceship to call my own.

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