Creative Commons Turns 3 (Point Zero, that is)

I’m a few days behind on this one, but Creative Commons launched version 3.0 of their Creative Commons licenses. These updates clarify a few issues, add better internationalization support, and increase compatibility with other content licenses. You can read more background (and many more details) at the CcWiki page on the Creative Commons Version 3.0 […]


My Favorite Firefox Extensions

One of my friends recently asked me what I’m using for extensions in Firefox 2, then suggested I share my list with the world. So, that’s exactly what I’m doing here. I’ll split them up by category so you can find the ones that apply to you. Improving the Firefox Interface Even though Firefox is […]


Infants and Babies

Just wanted to put a new post up before heading to bed for the evening. First, here’s a video I took of Kael after dinner. He just learned the baby sign for bath, and it’s pretty cute: Second, I’m not quite sure how many of you knew, but Casey and I are expecting again – […]

Web Services

GigaVox Audio Lite: Web Services in the Wild

Technometria is fast becoming one of my favorite podcasts every week. I like to say it’s “like The Gillmor Gang, but actually good”. This week’s episode is one of the best yet. It’s a conversation with Doug Kaye of IT Conversations/GigaVox Media and Jeff Barr, Web Services Evangelism at Amazon. They discuss Amazon’s suite of […]


10 Reasons Why Jeff Bezos is My Favorite CEO

He survived a helicopter crash back in 2003 and laughs about it now. Instead of ignoring Tim O’Reilly and other critics during the Amazon 1-Click patent controversy in 2000, he joined the conversation and spearheaded the movement for patent reform. He’s a big fan of science fiction. He can talk to you about web services […]


The Final Word on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Drama

I think this very clever video is pretty much the final word on Boston’s embarrassing Aqua Teen Hunger Force Light-Brite scandal. The city government’s response to this episode has been unbelievable, and has done nothing to provide real security to Boston. And, the Massachusetts Attorney General (Martha Coakley) seriously needs an education on what really […]

Customer Service

Finally – Resolution with Symantec

I’m happy to say that my two month saga with Symantec customer service is finally over. I heard back from Ben this morning, who assured me people were looking into my issue. In the mean time though, I took my concern up a few notches by emailing a few Symantec executives. Within the last 30 […]

Ruby on Rails

Setting up Ruby on Rails and Using Capistrano to Deploy Ruby on Rails Applications to Media Temple Dedicated Virtual Server 3.0

Note: This tutorial is now quite dated, so I would not recommend attempting to follow it. Instead, take a look at Media Temple’s instructions for configuring Mongrel Clusters. I recently deployed a Ruby on Rails application to Media Temple’s Dedicated Virtual Server 3.0 setup, and after running into a few problems along the way, eventually […]


This Pretty Much Sums Up Advertising

I believe there are very few things less effective than spending $2 million + on one 30 second Super Bowl advertisement. They are a complete waste of time and energy that could be better spent a thousand different ways – like actually making products and services worth talking about or improving customer service. That’s why […]