Customer Service

Symantec MySupport Follow-up

When I wrote about my frustration with the Symantec MySupport site last Friday, it was mainly a way for me to vent. I wasn’t expecting anything to come of it, which was why I was extremely surprised to find an email in my inbox this afternoon from a Symantec employee named Ben.

Ben said someone had forwarded him a link to my critique of MySupport and asked if I’d be willing to talk about my experience. Several hours later, he called me up and we chatted for a while about it. I learned about some 3rd party software integration they’re going through along with a few other things. More than anything else though, I found out that Ben was genuinely interested in hearing my opinion and making the MySupport experience better.

Ben also reminded me that there are still some good people who care working in huge corporations. It’s too bad the systems of this companies usually keep them on so tight a leash they can’t make a difference.

So, thanks for contacting me Ben. You gave me a little more hope in corporations. It’s good to know someone is actually listening.