Web Development

Media Temple – New Web Host of Choice

Casey and I are in the middle of getting a new blogging project off the ground for her. I’m her web/blogging guy by default, so I’ve been slowly getting things setup for her on the technical end. One of tasks was finding a good website hosting company, something that seems easy, but is actually pretty […]


Tip of the Day: Customize Your Google Homepage

I hadn’t realized it until earlier today, but I’ve grown really dependent on my customized Google homepage. It’s the first thing I see when I open up Firefox, so I instantly get a snapshot of happening. In my case: If I have new emails in my Gmail account Any new unread items in Google Reader […]


Reason is the New Religion

There’s a very interesting cover story in next month’s Wired Magazine that’s bound to cause a big stir. It’s titled Battle of the New Atheism, and details the recent development of the active condemnation of any sort of sort of religion, The author, who is an atheist himself, puts the new atheist difference this way: […]

Ruby on Rails

Refactoring Rails

My most recent project at work has been developing a Ruby on Rails application – the same one I started a long time ago. The project was on hiatus for a number of months because of higher priorities, but now at the top of my list again. Since I last touched the code, wants and […]


I’m Finishing my MBA

For the last four years (holy crap, I thought it was just three), I’ve been chipping away at my MBA degree at UND. While I finished my final course last summer, I still have one thing left: my independent study. I actually started working on this final project in the spring of 2005, but delays […]


What’s Your Favorite New TV Show?

Now that we’re almost a month into the fall 2006 television season, I need to ask: What are you watching for new shows, if anything? Comment away! Me? I’ve been watching three new serials: Heroes, Jericho, and the now canceled Kidnapped. My favorite by far is Heroes. Its character development is top-notch, and I’m a […]


Thinking About Software and Lock-in

I was just thinking about my recent switch from Bloglines to Google Reader. It was easy – really easy. Export an OPML file of my RSS feeds from one, import it into the other. I made the transition in less than a minute. So, what does this mean for Bloglines? Should Ask make it painful […]


The Salesforce Blitzkrieg

I really like, not just because it makes good products, but because it’s at the forefront of providing business software as a service over the internet. The company has moved from simply providing customer relationship management (CRM) software, to becoming a credible on-demand alternative to traditional business applications hosted on-site. Last year, Salesforce introduced […]


Writer’s Block

I’ve been struggling lately to come up with things to write about here on my blog. I didn’t know why until earlier this afternoon, when I think I pinned down the reasons. First, there are a lot of blogs on the Internet, and a lot of them talk about the exact same stuff. Just take […]


The Waiting Game

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I have a customer service issue with a business I’m working with, I don’t care if they get it resolved immediately. I realize that I’m not the center of their universe, as nice as that would be. I’m just one of many customers, especially when I’m dealing […]