In Honor of Kael’s First Birthday

Today marks the one year anniversary of when Casey and I made our trip to the hospital to delivery a baby. A little more than 12 hours after we checked in, we welcomed Kael Roman into our lives, and it’s been an adventure ever since.




So, to honor Kael’s first birthday tomorrow, here are some recent photos.

Happy Halloween


First teething biscuit

Having fun

Bundled up

Ready for bed

Hawaiian Shirt Day

Bath time!

Tipped over

We’re having a party at our house on Saturday to celebrate Kael’s big day, complete with a mini cake for the birthday boy. It should be fun!

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Wow, what a fast year. Too bad I won’t be able to be there to watch him make a wonderful mess out of that mini-cake. I will be in the area around the 21-24. Maybe I’ll stop by, unless of course you have a “NO SAMS BAN” which in that case I’ll have to hurry and make it there before the other sam shows up…Oofdah…anyways, Happy Birthday Kael!

Happy Birthday, Kael! What a handsome boy. We miss you and hope to see you soon. (Oh yeah, you’re mom & dad look pretty good, too!)

Auntie Kristi

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