Hands on with the Wii

One of our friends preordered a Nintendo Wii a month or so ago, and happily picked it up at Gamestop when it launched this Sunday. He hosted a little Wii party last night for a few friends, so I finally got my chance to try out the “wiimote“. Casey and I were able to try out a couple of the Wii Sports mini-games before leaving early to put Kael to bed. Here’s a little taste of what tennis was like (Casey is on the right):

The games were really easy to learn and a lot of fun to play. I really think the fun factor and the “non-gamer” label surrounding the Wii will bring a whole new group of people into gaming. I’m looking forward to when we’ll be getting ours, but I’m sad to say it won’t be this semester like I thought it would be. There’s always spring…

By the way, I took the video above with our new Canon SD700 IS that was delivered last Friday. I’ve taken a few pictures with it, and so far, I’m really happy with it. The 2.5 inch LCD screen on the back is almost twice the size of the screen on the SD410 it’s replacing, and the image stabilization really does appear to get rid of blurry shots. Another bonus feature: the flash on the SD700 is faster than Casey’s really quick reaction time, which should give us a lot more photos with all of our eyes opened!