Digicam Recommendations?

We had an unfortunate camera accident at Kael’s birthday party on Saturday, so our two year old Canon PowerShot S410 has seem its last day. The motor’s jammed, and we’re getting the dreaded E18 Error, so there’s little hope it’ll start working again.

We loved that little camera, mainly because it was small enough to stick in a pocket and take wherever. I’m a huge fan of Canon digicams, particularly the Digital Elph lineup, so that’s what we’ve been looking at so far. I had it narrowed down between the PowerShot SD700 IS and the PowerShot SD630. The first has image stabilization that’s actually supposed to work, and the second has a huge 3 inch screen on the back. One of my buddies has the SD630 and would trade that big LCD in for the image stabilization on the 700 IS though, that makes me lean toward that one.

What about you? What you using for a digital camera? Any recommendations?