But Does It Really Work?

One piece of advice I’ve repeatedly heard about selling a product or idea is believability. If you have the greatest idea in the world, but can’t convince me that you can actually execute it, you’ve got a big problem: A product that doesn’t sell.

That was one of my first thoughts when I came across this website on Digg this morning: Season Shot.

Season Shot

It’s an interesting idea that gets the attention of most bird hunters, but fails the believability test for me. Can “tightly packed seasoning” packaged in a shotgun shell really work as well as lead or steel shot? The website doesn’t say. I think they need to prove they work as well or better in order for anyone to even consider the novelty of this product.

One reply on “But Does It Really Work?”

I’ve hunted for grouse, pheasant, and turkey. I’ll admit that I’ve had to pluck out a few bits of shot, but rarely have I ever had to waste any meat. Typically if you’re wasting meat your using too big of shot. From my experience you rarely kill the bird on first hit. Usually there’s a kill shot when you’re 3′ away from it. There’s got to be some high power involved to get “seasoning” to hit a bird hard enough to kill it. I’d like to know exactly what I’m “injecting” into that bird. I’d try the product, but only on a free-trial basis. I’m definitely not sold.

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