The Waiting Game

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I have a customer service issue with a business I’m working with, I don’t care if they get it resolved immediately. I realize that I’m not the center of their universe, as nice as that would be. I’m just one of many customers, especially when I’m dealing […]


Bloglines vs. Google Reader

When Google announced their web-based RSS reader called Google Reader at the Web 2.0 Conference last October, I took a quick look, but I honestly wan’t that impressed. I imported my list of subscribed RSS feeds and gave it a try, but it was really, really slow and buggy, living up to its “beta” label. […]


Baby Tracking Software: My Lost Idea

When Casey and I had Kael late last year, I quickly realized the power in keeping track of when he slept, ate, and needed diaper changes. That data isn’t very useful in isolation, but when you look at their trends over time, you can start to see patterns that otherwise might not be so obvious. […]