Movable Type

Living on the Edge

Always one for the cutting edge, I just upgraded to use the very recently released Movable Type 3.3 from version 3.2, which I installed last August. If you’re reading this on the site and not through my syndication feed, you’re probably noticing that something doesn’t look quite right at the moment. I’m seeing the same thing, and am working to figure out what broke during the upgrade. The Movable Type editing interface looks goofy too, so adding this entry is a bit more difficult than usual.

The new features of version 3.3 should be worth the trouble, so thanks for the patience.

Update at 12:00 P.M.: Almost got it fixed. Everything is centered correctly, but I’ve got some extra colors cascading incorrectly from a style sheet. I’m almost there, so the rest shouldn’t be too hard to fix. Also, I’ve put up a trendy tag cloud on the side of the main page for your Web 2.0 enjoyment!