Making Windows Act a Little More Like Mac OS X

After having some major problems with my Thinkpad last Thursday, I bit the bullet and did a complete format and restore of the hard drive to its factory condition. This not only fixed my issues, but also seemed to speed things up considerably. There’s really nothing quite like a fresh Windows install – at least […]

Web Development

Kick’in the Tires on Drupal

As most of our family and friends know, Casey and I attend Grace Baptist Church in Grand Forks. We’ve been regular attendees for over three years now, and can’t say enough good things about it. I inherited the church website from a friend in late 2004, and managed to do a complete overhaul of it […]


Jenny Gagner: 1977-2006

We’re traveling back to Brooks tomorrow for the funeral of my cousin, Jenny Gagner. Jenny passed away last Sunday in Scottsdale Arizona. She was just 28. Jenny’s obituary is available online.

Movable Type

Living on the Edge

Always one for the cutting edge, I just upgraded to use the very recently released Movable Type 3.3 from version 3.2, which I installed last August. If you’re reading this on the site and not through my syndication feed, you’re probably noticing that something doesn’t look quite right at the moment. I’m seeing the […]


The vMac

Since Apple announced it was moving its Macintosh computers to Intel processors last summer, two different camps became very interested and active. First was the one wanting to have the option of running Windows on their Macintosh. Second was the group who was intent on getting Mac OS X running on their PC. Shortly after […]


Vote for Kael!

We had Tera take some photos of Kael late last month, so he’s been entererd in her monthly photo contest. Here is the photo she picked for the contest: He’s currently in the lead, but not by much. So, Kael would appreciate your vote if you have a minute. Just click on the photo above […]


Hot Dogs and String Theory

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare while waiting for this year’s hot dog eating contest to start (no worries – we all know you watch it), you might want to take a look at this cool flash video that explains each of the 10 dimensions. I’ll warn you in advance: If you do […]