North Dakota

PeopleSoft Still Sucks

Earlier this year, I wrote about the horror that is the PeopleSoft web application. It’s overly complex, confusing to use, and generally makes you want to scream every time you use it. So, today I was interested to see an article on the Computerworld website about the PeopleSoft implementation disaster occurring in North Dakota. The […]


Mac House

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been nine years since I bought my first computer before going to college at UND. It happened to be during the short, awkward part of Apple’s life when it was licensing the Mac OS to several third party Macintosh clone manufacturers. Apple’s PowerMac line was severly lacking, so […]


No Place Like Home…

We’ve been in our new house for two weeks now, and it’s feeling more and more like home every day. While we still have some things to put away in the basement, the upstairs is looking very good. We’ve been fortunate enough to have my mom help us paint the basement family room and hallway. […]


The Final Push

We’re smack dab in the middle of our final, pre-launch push at work. The next few weeks are going to be crazier than the last few months, if that’s even possible. We’ve had some systems up and running for some time now, while others are still having the bugs worked out of them. Juggling between […]