We’re A Razr Family

Yesterday Casey joined me in the Motorola Razr fan club with the arrival of her special edition pink Razr. After having the same Kyocera phone for a couple of years, it’s a nice upgrade for her.

Pink and Gray


On the plus side, it’s pink, so there shouldn’t be any confusion around the house about which one is hers or mine. On the downside, the pink Razrs use a newer version of firmware than mine. It appears that Verizon decided to lock out all most of the Bluetooth goodness enabled on mine, so she won’t be able to transfer photos or audio files to and from her Mac.

It’s funny. Every time I think that Verizon is starting to be cool, they go and pull something like this again. Maybe I just need to keep expecting the worst from them instead of hoping they’ll actually start respecting their customers instead of nickel and diming them for everything.

Oh well. Casey is happy with the phone, so that’s the most important thing!