Too Much To Do

It seems that I’ve just got way too much stuff going on at work right now. Besides learning the industry and the business development things we’re working on, I’m also chest-deep in all sorts of technology that’s new to me. I’ve got my hands on everything from Voice Over IP, to OpenVMS, basic networking (subnets and VPNs), databases, and Active Directory. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but I’m trying to just take things as they come.

I know one thing for sure though. I really need to clean my desk off before I lose my iPod in the mess!

Messy Desk

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Welcome to the world I’m currently in. We’re working on a plan to blow it all up. I’m the IT dept. at a sheriff’s dept. in one of the fine redneck towns Florida has to offer. Just be glad your not involved with good ol’ gov’nment boa-cracy.

That’s a good point, and one I’m very grateful for. Right now, I am the bureaucracy, so to speak. As the sole technical person for the new business, I pretty much have final say over how things will work and what not.

Currently, my biggest issue is with Active Directory. Monday I set it up on whim without much thought, which has led to some really strange network problems, mainly DNS related. I now need to decide if I can fix it, or if I can back out of it and start over from scratch.

that’s a sticky situation. We had some issues with domain names when I first began setting up AD back in December. I’m still configuring it. Oh, and always tweaking…always tweaking.

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