Starting Up

What can I say: Life has been very busy the last week and a half after starting my new job last Monday. With just two people, there are an unlimited number of things to work on each day while getting a new business ready. It’s been an amazing learning experience so far, and I can only imagine that I’ll have more opportunities to test my skills and knowledge once we open our doors for business in the near future.

Because we’re a startup, we have the chance to build our business infrastructure and processes on some very cool and impressive technology that will help us become as productive as possible while keeping our costs down. There’s nothing stopping anyone else in our industry from doing the same, but one of the simple facts of life in business is that it’s pretty tough to change business processes and systems once they’re already in use. Most people are so afraid of change that they’ll happily stick with the “safety” of what they already have, even if it’s crappy beyond all belief. Their fear is their loss.

Next week I’ll be traveling up to New Hampshire for several days of training on our of our applications. It’s going ot be tough being away from Casey and Kael for three days, but it’ll be nice to have it done and over with now rather than later.

I probably dislike my vague posts about the new job more than even you do, but unfortunately its something that needs to happen for a while. I’m looking forward to when I can finally share some specific details with you!

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Chuck Norris would NOT stand for your vagueness. In fact, he would jump…and give you a round-house kick to the face.

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